Kyrle St, Ross-On-Wye

Gerald Cooke
A "man of Ross" who not only gathered information but went out of his way to take photographs, nearly getting run over in the process! Thanks, Gerald!
left: Kyrle St, Ross-On-Wye (source: Gerald Cooke)

These are the folks who taught me how to research family history in the first place, and a great debt is owed for their continuing assistance. We salute you!

An invaluable and FREE resource for registered births, deaths and marriages in the UK after 1837.

Parish records and some census returns from around the world thanks to the Church of the Latter Day Saints. Fantastic!
A truly wonderful site; constantly adding parish records from around the Herefordshire, Monmouth and Gloucestershire area. Also maps and plenty of information about the areas and their histories.
Tips and tutorials for website design, and the 'contact form' template for this site.

Special thanks to the following family members:

Danielle, Australia, for giving me the start I needed on the Evans family, and Kathleen and Neil, Ireland-Ukraine. They are a lot of fun (!) and have given me pretty much everything I have on the McLaughlin and Hamilton side. Thank you!

Cousin N on the Smart side of the family, for information (and valuable research) about William Henry Evans and Susan Smart in Melbourne in the 1880s. You're wonderful!

Jim, Australia, who has supplied a very large portion of the information and photographs you see on these pages, and provided the key to the Payard/Palgard mystery. Thank you Jim - a true officer and a gentleman!

My mother and aunt, who have also provided a wealth of information and supported this endeavour. Thank you ladies!

Last but not least, my James. Thank you babe. :)

Is there someone missing from here who should be here? Please let me know.

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